Stimulant Substitution

A project to create alternatives to Methamphetamine & Cocaine.

Breaking the Cycle of Stimulant Abuse.

Stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine are a class of drugs that can increase alertness, energy, confidence, and performance. They are widely used for recreational, social, or occupational purposes, but they can also have devastating consequences for mental and physical health. Stimulants can cause addiction, psychosis, paranoia, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and cardiovascular problems. They can also lead to risky behaviors, violence, crime, and overdose.

One of the challenges of treating stimulant addiction is finding a way to reduce the demand and supply of these drugs. This is where BioPharm comes in. BioPharm members have a long history of developing substitution therapies for stimulants. BioPharm is now working on creating novel compounds that can act as softer alternatives to amphetamines and cocaine. These compounds would meet the same consumer needs as stimulants, but with less addictive or harmful potential. They would also help to ease the withdrawal symptoms and cravings of stimulant users. BioPharm aims to break the cycle of stimulant abuse and provide safer and more effective options for people who need them.

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