What we do?

A drug discovery pipeline using AI and proprietary ‘organ on chip’ screening technology for psychoactive drug discovery. A chemical and biosynthesis production facility using proprietary sustainable methods for bulk manufacture of medical cannabinoids or other APIs.

Our Mission

Inspired by nature, our new molecules are set to become tomorrow’s pain killers, psychotherapeutic tools and cancer relief agents. Additionally, our patented organic chemistry and sustainable biosynthesis methods allow us to produce rare phytocannabinoids far more economically than can be done with traditional farming methods, with standardised purity and with less environmental impact. Our facility in New Zealand operating under the unique legislation we developed over 20 years will also be capable of scaled up biosynthesis of any psychoactive APIs.

Our goal is to become a major player in making even rare cannabinoids affordable globally, to see our medical technologies realised, and to establish treatment centres for addiction and mental health issues beginning in New Zealand.

kg output per day
$ m
USD market by 2022
countries allow CBD
CBD can be manufactured in large batches in a pharmaceutical environment.

Applications for CBD

Learn more about CBD’s applications, as just one of over 100 cannabinoids, and how you can capitalise on the multi-billion-dollar market opportunity it presents.

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