What we do?

Pharma startup with a drug discovery pipeline incorporating AI and our unique ‘organ on chip’ screening technology to develop new psychoceuticals, coupled with regulatory expertise to expedite path to market, backed with chemical and biosynthesis production technology employing sustainable methods to produce medical cannabinoids and other APIs in scalable quantities.

Our Mission

BioPharm is a biotechnology startup that aims to create safe and effective psychoactive products that can enhance various aspects of human life, such as creativity, mood, cognition, and well-being. We use cutting-edge science and technology to develop novel compounds that mimic the benefits of classic psychoactives without the drawbacks. We leverage New Zealand’s unique regulatory platform and supportive engagement processes to model a socially cohesive framework for managing psychoactive use in society through public partnership. We believe that our products can help millions of people achieve their full potential and live happier and healthier lives.

We have already had many breakthroughs and world firsts on our team. We are excited to become a major player globally firstly in product development and secondly in production of psychoactive and even rare cannabinoids using green chemistry. We aim see our technologies realised, and to establish treatment centres for addiction and mental health issues beginning in New Zealand.

CBD can be manufactured in large batches in a pharmaceutical environment.

BioPharm Technologies

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