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What we do?

BioPharm has a patented process to economically manufacture metric tons per day of CBD or related compounds in a pharmaceutical environment.

Our Mission

We aim to be the world’s largest supplier of generic pharmaceutical grade Cannabidiol (CBD) and related compounds. Using our patented organic chemistry methods we will produce CBD, CBG or CBN more economically than can be done with traditional farming methods, with standardised purity and with less environmental impact. Under emergency conditions we can even use our facilities to produce critical antiviral medicines as required.

To date the CBD market has been dominated by suppliers extracting CBD from hemp. Farmers globally are switching food crops to hemp which is having significant impact on environment and food supplies.

kg output per day
$ m
USD market by 2022
countries allow CBD
CBD can be manufactured in large batches in a pharmaceutical environment.

Applications for CBD

Learn more about CBD and how you can capitalise on the multi-billion-dollar market opportunity it presents.

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