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Company Profile

BioPharm is a startup hub incorporating a multidisciplinary team of technology developers focused on development of new psychoactive drugs for mental health applications, and bulk production of active pharmaceutical ingredients including medical cannabinoids and psychoceuticals.

Why Choose Us?

We have worked in this area since 1998, pioneering technologies, regulatory systems and building a network of great minds. Here are our areas of expertise:

  • We are experts in psychoactive drug development.
  • We have proprietary technology for drug screening.
  • We can synthesize nature equivalent or novel molecules using chemistry.
  • We have proprietary technology for clean biosynthesis.
  • We developed favourable regulatory environment for psychoactive research in New Zealand.
  • We give back to community with the non profit development and provision of addiction interruption and recovery products.


We believe that everyone should have access to the therapeutic benefits of not just cannabis, but all psychoactive plants and medicines. They should be affordable and we shouldn’t be converting the world’s food crops into hempfields to produce them when it can be done with minimal environmental impact.

Matthew Bowden

Product Manager

Looking for a reliable cannabinoid supplier with consistent pharma grade product in metric ton capacity?


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