CBD can be extracted from hemp plants


Hemp is grown on farms, harvested then dissolved in solvents to extract CBD.
  • set up time
  • 3-4 month batch time
  • seasonal production
  • subject to climate
  • high chance contamination
  • lower purity
Synthetic plant DNA for bioengineering


The Cannabis DNA sequence that signals CBD production is isolated then used to brew CBD from yeast in biology lab.
  • long set up time, 1 year plus
  • brewing time in weeks
  • year round production
  • not subject to climate
  • low chance contamination
  • very high purity
CBD can be manufactured in large batches in a pharmaceutical environment.


Chemically pure CBD is copied exactly from nature and synthesized in a pharmaceutical laboratory using organic chemistry methods like any other medicine.
  • 6-12 month to build factory
  • can produce batch every day
  • can work year round
  • not subject to climate
  • contamination unlikely
  • very high purity
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