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Validated Immunity

BioPharm supports the Validated Immunity project, developing a multivariable blood test to calculate an individual’s viral immunity, with a QR blockchain app so users can prove their safety to employers, and managers of public spaces and events.

Immunity Pass

Globally as the world plots a path to return to normal in the wake of COVID, workplaces and public events struggle to find tools to manage risks of infection and transmission in the workplace.

Initial ideas for vaccination passports failed, firstly due to human rights violations and secondly due to the waining efficacy of first wave vaccines against emerging variants of the virus.

Validated Immunity is a citizen initiated project grouping academics from multiple disciplines to identify biomarkers including blood levels of antibodies and vitamins to give an estimation of viral immunity which is more accurate than vaccination status alone, making for safer public spaces, and less discrimation cases.

Next Level Testing

    Through our partnership with Validated Immunity we will:

  • Review exisiting literature
  • Develop standard battery of tests
  • Code initial application
  • Initiate clinical studies
  • Develop multichamber microfluidic flow chips for instant results
  • Franchise clinics for advanced diagnosis and recovery
  • Partner to supply Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

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