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Social Conscience

BioPharm is a conscious corporation, being an entity which recognises a dual responsibility, firstly to shareholders, and secondly to the wider community in the post-COVID era of disaster recovery.


Today more than ever, sustainability and ethical deployment of resources are key factors for investors. Our purpose in developing health technologies is to see those technologies used in rebuilding our communities, by supplementing state health infrastructure.

As a developer of technologies for the management and treatment of trauma related illnesses (including alcoholism, addiction, anxiety and PTSD) at a time where state health services are under resourced, and over burdened, BioPharm’s vision is to not only develop treatments and health improving technologies, but to also establish self funding community projects to enable members of low income demographics to access privately subsidised products and services to support their return to stable mental health.

Neuronutrients Foundation – Supplementing Health Infrastructure

The COVID pandemic followed by economic recession has set conditions for a global wave of mental health and trauma related conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcoholism and other addictions. Several promising new technologies showing shorter recovery times and lower side effect profile than existing treatments have been discovered. Promoted correctly, these technologies will reduce suffering, and overall public health burden.

Neuronutrients Foundation, a 35% shareholder in BioPharm, is committed to researching the most effective natural and nature inspired harm reduction technologies for trauma recovery, addiction interruption and cognitive restoration. The Foundations is committed to developing consumer level products targeted at those with disposable income, and subsidised or free on demand products for those of limited means.

The Foundation intends to develop digital technology to provide users with peer support networks, provide additional psychological support & to collect publishable efficacy data, for research and marketing purposes.

To date formulations have been developed for alcohol cessation support, methamphetamine addiction recovery, opiate, cannabis and benzodiazepine drug withdrawal. The foundation intends to fund clinical trials, and presentations of data to academic conferences on treatment protocols. This research will support programs to market products to rehabilitation facilities and direct to consumers via the app.

“35% of Profits go to treating trauma and addiction”

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