CBD is in many new supplements
CBD in supplements

There is no doubt of the therapeutic efficacy of CBD and its usefulness to the human system. Due to its presence in nature CBD is a normal part of the human food chain so is gathering acceptance as a dietary supplement in more jurisdictions all the time.

CBD is used to support the health of people suffering with cancer, pain, anxiety, depressions, neurological disorders, heart issues, diabetes, substances dependance, diabetes, or just to help with sleep.

However, supplement manufacturers have come under fire for inconsistent levels of CBD in agriculturally produced CBD products after studies showed 7 out of 10 products surveyed had very different levels of CBD to what was published on the label, many were contaminated with THC, or heavy metals including arsenic and lead!

BioPharm’s pharmaceutical grade CBD is not made from hemp, it is a chemically pure pharmaceutical and it is precisely what it claims to be, making it ideal for real medicines, and for ethical suppliers of nutraceutical products.


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