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Management Team

Mr. Matthew Bowden

Mr. Matthew Bowden

Product Development

Mr. Bowden has 20 years experience in product design and engaging regulators to further policy and practice in psychoactive drug regulation leading to UN commendations for progressive drug policy.

Mr. Bowden's patent for new cannabinoids documents a project exploring hundreds of analogous modifications to THC resulting in compounds with up to 1,000 times the specific receptivity at CB1 receptor.

This translates roughly to drug potency. These compounds are poised for exploration as future medicines. Mr. Bowden is expecting to file new patents for new novel medicinal cannabinoids and is engaged in similar explorations around other psychedelic drug analogues for psychotherapeutic applications.

Mr. Andrew Carstensen BBS

Mr. Andrew Carstensen


Mr. Carstensen has experience in all areas of international business

Mr. Carstensen has worked in various executive capacities in the petroleum industry, as well as the airline business until starting his own international business consultancy in 1999 specialising in business structuring, banking advisory, asset protection, as well as community oriented not-for-profit structures.

Mr. Carstensen has lectured extensively throughout Australasia, Asia and Central America on each of these subjects. While his educational background has been in accounting and finance, Mr. Carstensen has always been a strong advocate for the health and wellness industry and is excited to be part of this new generation of healthcare.

Academic Team

Our academic team are situated in Asia, Europe, and New Zealand and some have held or do hold professorial positions in Medicinal Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Drug Design Pharmacology, Organic Chemistry at some top rated academic institutions.

The exciting, yet sensitive nature of this sector of industry still suffers a stigma in some jurisdictions. As a result we do not require all team members to have their names and faces on a public website.

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