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Production Technology

Biological Pharmaceutical production technology is the key point of difference between BioPharm and botannical cannabis startups. Green Chemistry standards will be the next hurdle for pharmaceutical production. Pharmaceutical production creates 200 million kg of toxic waste annually, 25kg for every kg of finished product. Our proprietary methods use synthetic DNA to produce pure pharmaceuticals by fermentation with no waste. This means we can produce pure THC without growing cannabis, or pure cocaine without growing coca plants, and we can do it economically at scale.

Matthew Bowden

Product Manager

Why Choose Us?

To date the medical cannabis market has been dominated by suppliers extracting cannabinoids from hemp. Farmers globally are switching food crops to hemp which is having significant impact on environment and global food supplies. Our plan allows us to produce nature identical cannabinoids using organic chemistry methods, or using a proprietary eco-friendly biological technology, and not requiring us to grow plants at all.
There are significant benefits to using our methods, including lower financial cost and environmental impact.

  • We are not subject to seasonal variation in quality due to climate.
  • We produce to pharmaceutical grade, no pesticides or outdoor contamination.
  • Our batch size is scalable to metric tons per day.
  • We do not have labor intensive price burden.
  • We do not require land conversion from food growth areas.
  • We produce within hours, no requirement to wait months for plant maturity.

Our mission

We aim to be the world’s largest supplier of generic pharmaceutical grade Cannabinoids (such as CBD, CBG, THCV etc). Using our patented organic chemistry, and cutting edge biological production methods we will produce generic, rare and novel cannabinoids more economically than can be done with traditional farming methods, with standardised purity and with less environmental impact.

Looking for a reliable cannabinoid supplier with consistent pharma grade product in metric ton capacity?

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