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Drug Discovery Platform

We have been in the area of drug discovery for over 20 years. We specialise in psychoactive drugs, including amphetamine substitution drugs, cannabinoids, psychedelics, empathogens etc. Our team members invested heavily in developing an internationally recognised regulatory system to pave the way for psychoactive drug development in New Zealand, and as a result we were among the first to build specific psychoactive drug research labs. Our process incorporates advances in AI technology for drug discovery, coupled with a proprietary ‘receptor on a chip’ rapid screening platform to give us a robust R&D pipeline.

Services Offered

  • AI Assisted Drug Design Service.
  • Custom Synthesis R&D Scale.
  • Custom Synthesis Batch Scale.
  • Biological Screening Platform.

Custom Synthesis Laboratory

The regulatory system we developed allows us to run an R & D laboratory for custom synthesis of novel psychoactive compounds for research purposes. The new lab slated for build in 2025 is modular in design and has capabilty to easily add additional projects, including scale up from R&D to batch size orders. Talk to us about your custom synthesis needs, whether you have a series of molecules in mind, or you need custom design consultation.

Biological Screening Platform

Traditionally drug effects are measured by receptor binding affinity studies, screening molecules against receptor proteins on the surface of a cell. This gives some indication of activity, but the level of accuracy is not reliable enough due to the protein acting differently outside its environment. We have access to a proprietary ‘receptor on a chip’ system which more accurately models the receptor behaviour in situ giving a more reliable result.

Talk to us about your psychoactive drug discovery or custom synthesis projects.

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