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COVID Medicines

BioPharm’s pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, while built for the patented process of CBD and other cannabinoid manufacture, has the flexibility to produce many other medicines and organic molecules. In emergency situations we can produce bulk anti-viral medicines locally.

COVID treatment

At the outbreak of COVID pandemic, India, China and even United Kingdom began acting under laws preventing the export of certain critical medicines.

BioPharm have ability to source and manufacture certain critical medicines if required in response to COVID or future health pandemics.

Compounding, Bottling, Packaging

    Through our decades of experience, and networks of partners, allow us to help you with:

  • Custom chemical design
  • Custom synthesis
  • Upscale to bulk manufacture
  • Tableting / Encapsulation
  • Liquid filling
  • Blister pack and boxing
  • Pill bottle filling and labelling

Developing New Medicines

Our COVID response R&D focus is on the development of trauma medicines.

Do you need a supplier to manufacture a medicine under license, or compound or package any medicine or supplement?


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