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What caffeine is to mornings, CBD is rapidly becoming for evenings, the cleanest sedating social tonic de jour. CBD is not escaping the eye of the world’s most competitive beverage makers. Coca-Cola has run hot and cold on CBD, initially determined not to be left behind, and then throwing a damp cloth on speculation after legalities of CBD were questioned in Federal USA, so what is really going on?

September 2018 Kent Landers, Coca-Cola spokesman, told Bloomberg News, “We are watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world. The space is evolving quickly.” This signalled the initial excitement, and bumps in several cannabis related stocks, and despite Landers later stating in a press release “we have no interest in marijuana or cannabis” it has remained clear that all leading beverage manufacturers are looking at CBD.

Reports of quality control and contamination issues mean large players are keep a careful eye, a steady hand, and bitten tongue waiting for a more stable climate to discuss CBD openly. Presumably legal and PR advisory is to avoid being publicly associated with the hot potato while it’s going through these scandals and teething problems – which really amount to quality assurance issues judging by FDA warnings on contaminated product. However, if purity and quality are the issues, then we are excited to see how standardised pharmaceutical grade cannabidiol changes the playing field.

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