Beyond CBD

Other projects include:

The Next CBD

BioPharm can also produce other cannabinoids such as cannabigerol (CBG) in bulk.

Cannabigerol, (CBG) is another natural molecule found in hemp. It is distinct from CBD due to different therapeutic applications. CBG is valued more highly than CBD due to its lower concentrations in the plant, making agricultural production more costly. BioPharm’s pharmaceutical technology overcomes these limitations, allowing more economical supply of bulk CBG, and other cannabinoids, in high purity.

app examples

Validated Immunity

Our team are working on immunity test kits to calculate an individual’s risk of infection or transmission.

BioPharm support the Validated Immunity project, developing a multivariable blood test to calculate an individual’s viral immunity, with a QR blockchain app so users can prove their safety to employers, and managers of public spaces and events. More accurate than vaccination passport, and less human rights issues.

Medical Association Concerned

Trauma Recovery

BioPharm’s R&D team are working on new psychopharmacological agents for the treatment of trauma illnesses for upcoming global wave of trauma.

A global wave of post-COVID mental health issues is predicted, including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, alcoholism and other addictions. BioPharm’s R&D team has expertise in psychotherapeutic agents ideal for the emerging models of intervention, and are currently developing new technology in this area.

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